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DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS - As part of the celebrations the History Society arranged for the lychgate to be open on Tuesday 5th June. Members gave guided tours of the cemetery and assisted in the location of graves. A steady stream of visitors took advantage of the  opening and all expressed surprise at the magnificence of the interior of the Victorian lychgate building.


Thursday 9th June saw the  Society playing host to Caldecott History Society on conducted walks along the Harcourt Heritage Trail. Twenty members of the Caldecott group were guided by Norman Harrison and George Weston, and experienced an extended and more detailed version of the printed walk.


The Society contributed documents, photographs, and information to Maya Vision International, the production company responsible for the highly successful “Story of England”, shown recently on BBC4 and BBC2.


The Society is pleased to announce publication in June 2011 of the St Wilfrid’s Churchyard Survey by David Holmes.  This means that all of the memorial inscriptions within the churchyards, graveyards, and cemeteries of the villages of Kibworth Harcourt, Kibworth Beauchamp, and Smeeton Westerby are now available.

This enormous task has taken several years to complete but provides a wonderful source of information to local historians and anyone tracing their family history in the Kibworths or Smeeton.

Kibworth Congregational Chapel graveyard can be found here

Kibworth, St Wilfrid’s Churchyard, is contained within “St Wilfrid’s Churchyard Survey” by David Holmes

Kibworth Cemetery is contained within “Memorial Inscriptions at Kibworth Cemetery” by members of the Society

Smeeton, Christchurch Churchyard, is contained within “Memorial Inscriptions at Smeeton Westerby Graveyards” by George Weston & Norman Harrison

Smeeton Baptist Chapel graveyard is also contained within “Memorial Inscriptions at Smeeton Westerby Graveyards” by George Weston & Norman Harrison

The publications are all available from the Society; see the “Publications” page for full details.