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Click on the links to the right to view old photographs and post cards of the three villages of Kibworth Harcourt, Kibworth Beauchamp, and Smeeton Westerby.

The Society has a substantial collection of photographs dating from Victorian times, and onwards, many taken by three village photographers, Walter Bale, Alonzo Freeland, and Charles Cooper. In addition, the Society is fortunate to have secured the collection of photographs taken by Bert Aggas in the early 1980s, and by George Weston in 1993.
Harcourt Smeeton
Alonzo Freeland
Charles W Cooper
Walter BALE was born  in 1875, and lived and worked in Kibworth.  Bale was one of the early village photographers, being recorded in various directories from 1899 to 1936.  Prints include references to his studio being at one time in the High Street and he held a reputation of producing high quality work.  He died in 1936. For more information on Walter Bale please click here.   
Alonzo J FREELAND was born in 1852. Alonzo, his wife and family, settled in Kibworth in 1886 (born 1852) to continue his professions as pharmacist, analytical chemist and dentist. He lived and worked in Station Street (the building is now ‘Lloyds Pharmacy’), and later in Weir Road, and was known for ‘mineral water’ production and publishing songs and poems etc.  However he was also prolific as a photographer and recorded many well-known scenes of Kibworth. For more information on Alonzo Freeland please click here.
We are always keen to receive donations of photographs of the villages and inhabitants.
Charles W COOPER was a stationer, publisher and  sub- postmaster in Beauchamp.  He was born in 1865.  As regards photography, he usually worked in conjunction with A J Freeland and frequently both their names appeared on local photographs. He died aged 59 years.
Walter Bale