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Emergency Plans for Kibworth

The World War II document that is accessed through the title link sets out plans for dealing with an enemy attack or invasion of Kibworth, and generally for defending the villages.  Valuable information on people, places and facilities are recorded, all coordinated by the ‘Kibworth Invasion Committee’.

No date is given in the document, but this version could well be after November 1942 (Kibworth’s British Restaurant was opened in that month and on page 15 it is listed as ‘in existence’).

The original document was donated to this Society by the family of Bert Aggas, but the identity of hand written annotations on several pages is unknown.

Page numbers have been added here to aid reading.

Air Raid Precautions for Kibworth

The title link will take you to extracts from limited Kibworth records that illustrate the wartime duties of wardens involved with air raid precautions (ARP).

Two of the three daily record sheets of wardens inspecting properties at night for visible lights (that should be blacked out) are dated 1940; the third does not show the year but it probably 1943.

It is regretted that the quality of certain pages is low, but they are reproduced as the information is relevant to Kibworth and local people.