“Understanding yesterday, for the benefit of  today and tomorrow”

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During WWII the ‘Kibworth News and Forces Journal’ was published, covering Kibworth Harcourt, Kibworth Beauchamp, Smeeton Westerby, Saddington, Foxton, Gumley, Mowsley, & Laughton. It was sent to all those serving in the armed forces, and contained messages of friendship, glimpses of local activities, and a breath of home. Letters were sent to the Editor of the Journal from every part of the globe; from North and East Africa, India, Canada and America, the Falklands, and Palestine. We are fortunate to have gathered a copy from each of the years 1941-1945, and are pleased to reproduce them below, although the quality of reproduction varies between issues. We would be very interested to learn of any other edition of the ‘Kibworth News and Forces Journal’. If you possess one, and would allow us to make a copy, please contact the Society.

Click the image to read the Kibworth News for each of the war years. They are in pdf format and may be downloaded, free of charge, for personal use only. Please acknowledge the Society as the source of the document.