“Understanding yesterday, for the benefit of  today and tomorrow”

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Alonzo J FREELAND was born in Angmering, West Sussex, in 1852. Alonzo, his wife and family, settled in Kibworth in 1886 to continue his professions as pharmacist, analytical chemist and dentist. He lived and worked in Station Street (the building is now ‘Lloyds Pharmacy’), and later in Weir Road, and was known for ‘mineral water’ production and as a photographer and recorded many well-known scenes of Kibworth.

In addition to his many professions and occupations, Freeland published many poems and songs, including several during the First World War. These have been collected here and may be viewed by clicking on the title of the poem or song.

A Place in the Sun

A Thought

Kibworth, Leicestershire (On Honour’s Roll)

On with the Khaki

Some Say

Jack, of the Second Fifth

Coming Home to Blighty

A 1919 Peace Chime